One Fine Day

Tuesday was such a fine day. We had our lunch outdoors! Wait a minute, isn't it February?!

Marvin was kickin' it in the forest with us and loving it!

And then we made some paintings at the picnic table.

Well, it started as 'we' but quickly became 'he' as Winnie and I moved away from the table to avoid getting splatted with paint.

He's just like his dad. Years ago, when Johnny was an avid painter (now he mostly makes laser paintings), I used to go to his studio before bed and check out what he was working on. Usually, I'd fall in love with whatever it was. Then I'd wake up in the morning to find that he had completely painted over what he was working on and it had become a totally new painting. Sometimes this was fun and exciting, sometimes it made me sad. Sometimes, I'd steal the painting away before going to bed, claim it as my own and insist that he start a new one.

It's all about the process for this little man. And usually the process is about getting messy!

♥ Andrea ♥

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