Fall Forest Animals

*image courtesy of Johnny Deal*

Over the weekend, Johnny and the kids got out into the forest for a hike and saw this sweet little fellow resting in a tree.

Earlier in the week, I finally got a nice shot of one of our local squirrels. The squirrels around here are completely crazy as far as I can tell so it's been tricky trying to get a good shot of one. Usually, as soon as I open the back door, they're gone. Now I see that all I have to do is leave some apples on the back porch.

And yesterday, we had a visit from a red headed woodpecker! Unfortunately he didn't get close enough for me to get a great photo, but he sure was handsome! I hope he's looking to nest around here for the winter!

I've decided that this year we will put out some bird feeders for our feathered friends. In the winter months we often sprinkle some bird seed on the back porch but mostly the squirrels get it. I'd love to make some wooden bird feeders! Looking around the internet for some patterns, it would be so fun to make these eagle and owl feeders from The Winfield Collection. Don't you think?

♥ Andrea ♥

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