Sasquatch Instagram Photos

1. This latest little guy is a gift for a 39th wedding anniversary. I'm mailing him out today.
2. A couple of giant fury beasts I made at Christmas time.
3. A giant Sasquatch warming himself by the fire this winter.
4. Proof of the bond that exists between cat and Sasquatch.
5. This Giant Sasquatch was sweetly named, Bastian, and now lives in Switzerland! Soon, I'll be sharing some photos of his adventures there :)
6. Cats and Sasquatches, friends forever.
7. This Elf and Sasquatch befriended each other over the Christmas holidays.
8. The completed Sasquatch and Sprite that went out a short while ago to a little brother and sister.
9. You can learn a lot about someone by the company they keep.

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