What I've Been Up To Lately...

I'm still working on this project that is taking a very, very long time. If it's not done this week, well, I'm just not sure what I'm going to do. It simply must get done this week.

I've started working on a little something new :) I'm looking forward to sharing it with you soon.

My studio is feeling extra cozy and well organized these days.

A pile of Baby Stars ready to be sewn. I've had some requests for some recently and I've been meaning to make more for the shop for a long, long time.

John took a ton of photos of the skull we found belonging to the doe we lost a year and a half ago and made a 3D scan of it to make a replica for the kids to play with. They are very enamored with the skull and we don't want the real one to get damaged.

I am totally in love with our bread maker.

I got this little handmade nest brooch from Mel. I wear it on my coat everyday.

I'm particularly enjoying my home brews lately. This one was nettle, oat straw, lemon balm and fennel.

We had an amazing time this weekend, first at the Ontario Science Centre in celebration of our wee man's 6th birthday, then a wonderful night out at Massey Hall to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The kids were a little young for the Game On exhibit at the Science Centre so, unfortunately, I didn't get to play nearly enough video games. But it was neat to see all the old favorites, learn about other games I wasn't familiar with and to see the development of the industry over the years.

It was really fantastic for Johnny and I to get out on our own for a night and see Nick Cave. It was a wonderful show. He played a bunch of the old favorites that a fan would hope for; Deanna, Red Right Hand, From Her to Eternity, Stagger Lee, Tupelo, The Mercy Seat, The Ship Song, The Weeping Song and I was so happy to hear Love Letter as well. They did a bang up job on Stagger Lee. That song in particular was fantastic to see live and Nick Cave was just as grande and sinister as you might expect. Oh and it was a lovely and unexpected surprise that some local children performed backing for him on several songs. All in all, a great show and a perfect weekend.

I hope your weekend was perfect too.

♥ Andrea ♥

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